Over 10MW of PV systems worldwide

So far we have installed and commissioned over 10MW of PV solar systems worldwide, powering hundreds of businesses, that’s equivalent to covering 20 football pitches with solar panels. Our designers and engineers have earned an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality solar power systems. Our systems are specifically designed to suit your needs, bringing you and your business energy security for the future.

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Our Heritage

Every business has to start somewhere. Ours started over 125 years ago.

In 1886, George Westinghouse introduced the first alternating current (AC) electrical system which soon became the principle power standard for homes and businesses across the world. Ever since then, we have strived for innovation, by delivering secure solutions that enrich the lives of millions. We endeavour to create smarter technology that will change how you use your energy on a day-to-day basis. Efficiency, reliability and professionalism underpin what we have worked towards since the inception of the Westinghouse name. We aim to help, to inspire, to empower.

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Our Heritage