Invest in a sustainable future

By investing in a sustainable future you can lay down a secure pathway for your business to follow without treading on any uneven ground along the way. Enrich your reputation, protect your assets from rising energy prices and drive your business forward. Find out more today and take the next step towards a better tomorrow.

Try our interactive calculator below to work out how much you could save.

Solar Calculator

How can it benefit you?

  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Protection from rising energy costs
  • Attractive return on investment
  • Enhancement of corporate responsibility & sustainability objectives
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Government incentives available
  • Quick & simple installation process
  • Increased property value & rental appeal

Monitoring & Maintenance

At Westinghouse Solar we pride ourselves on the quality of after sales service we provide to our clients.Our solar power systems are remotely monitored by an in-house  team to ensure that maximum possible performance is achieved consistently. We also provide client remote access so that you can monitor the performance of your system via your computer, tablet or smart phone.

How does solar work?

Solar power is very safe, reliable and effective and requires no moving parts. It emits no carbon dioxide, fumes or pollution, and the panels will typically produce power for at least 25-30 years.

Learn more about how Solar power works.

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