Further Solar installations announced in partnership with 50 UK schools

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with a further 50 schools in the installation of quality solar solutions on their premises. In conjunction with Power Your Future, a school’s sustainability programme, our aim is to reduce the schools’ energy costs as well as their carbon footprint, whilst helping to promote the concept of sustainability within the next generation of home and business owners.

This follows our initial partnership several months ago with schools across the country, who have already benefitted from our rooftop solar installations.

One such school we worked with was Orchard Vale Community school. Their headmistress, Caroline Harding commented, ‘”he panels went up incredibly quickly. After the project management meeting, the whole installation was completed in a two week window. I would recommend the panels to other schools; this project has been fantastic and not prohibited by cost as the maintenance and installation is all covered as part of the project – this will make it accessible to lots more schools.”

This multi-school development – which is in keeping with the Government’s policies on the switch to clean energy within educational establishments – involves no capital outlay on the part of the schools.

What is more, it allows the schools to buy the power generated on site at a heavily discounted rate, delivering savings of circa £1.4m on their electricity bills, and a reduction of some 561 metric tonnes of carbon in the process.