The First of Many Westinghouse Solar Projects: Sluice Farm

The Sluice Farm site is the first to be constructed as part of our exciting project pipeline and is one of the largest roof-top installations in the south-east of England. Completed on 28th November 2013, the installation took a team of five skilled engineers around three weeks to construct and is set to generate a whole host of benefits, both for the business involved and for the environment.

The site boasts a roof mounted PV array of 672 solar modules and will supply approximately 2,500,000kWH of electricity over the next 20 years. In addition, our solar solutions are predicted to save £360,000 for the business involved, whilst reducing its exposure to ever-changing energy prices and saving more than 65 tonnes of Co2 each year. Any power that is generated and not used by the business will be sold back to the national grid under a fixed PPA agreement.

The renewable energy generated from this project will help to significantly reduce our client’s carbon footprint, as well as their energy costs.

Adrian Johnson, the owner of Sluice Farm, commented, “I had been looking for way to control my business’s energy costs for some time, and am delighted that through Westinghouse Solar, I can save money on my electricity bill for the next 20 years.”

Gerry McGowan, CEO of Westinghouse Solar added, “The renewable energy delivered from this project will make a significant contribution in reducing the client’s electricity costs and carbon footprint – and it represents another important step in achieving the UK Government’s target of delivering 20% of its energy from renewable sources by the year 2020.”